Foundation Body

Bishops of Ankole Diocese and Archbishops of church of Uganda

Arch Bishop Ntagali

The Diocese of West Ankole description and history.
The Diocese of West Ankole is one of the 37 Dioceses that currently constitute Church of Uganda. It is composed of 5 districts of: Bushenyi, Buhweju, Sheema, Rubirizi and Mitooma. West Ankole has 25 Archdeaconries, 132 Parishes and 412 Sub Parish Churches.
The Diocese is a Jesus loving, Bible believing and spirit led Anglican Church engaged in the mission of Christ in today’s world. The Diocesan headquarters are located at Bweranyangi hill, Bushenyi District, South Western Uganda and about 50km from Mbarara on Mbarara – Fort Portal highway.
The magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral Bweranyangi stands on top of adulating Ankole hills visible in a distance of about 4 km in all directions. It’s indeed a physical expression of a spiritual commitment of rural peasants that were transformed by the fire of the great East African Revival of 1936.
Background history of the Diocese
The Diocese of West Ankole was formed in 1976 following the subdivision of Ankole Diocese, and the new Diocese was inaugurated on 30th January 1977 with the consecration of Rt. Rev. Yoramu Bamunoba as the 1st Bishop.
He was consecrated by Archbishop Janani Luwum, two weeks before his murder. The Diocese of West Ankole’s first Development Plan was passed by the Synod at Kabwohe in 1977. This Development Plan established the church as a body of Christ, sharing his life with a ministerial function where every member was to be seen as having a place according to his different capabilities and calling. At the time of inaugurating the Diocese of West Ankole in 1977, there were 33 parishes as listed under. By 1989, the number had grown to 99.

Vision: A united, Christ-centered, and economically empowered Church.
Mission: To proclaim the gospel in accordance with Christ’s commission to make His disciples through preaching, teaching, and healing.
Core values
• Faith
• Love
• Integrity
• Team work
• Unity
West Ankole Diocese Goals
• Empower people with the Gospel
• Develop quality Education, skills and talents
• Build Results driven management Teams
• Build a Healthy Community
• Provide effective and efficient Stewardship
• Empower people against Poverty
• Build an effective Cathedral Chapter
• Ensure sustainable use of Environment
• Develop a global partnership for Mission.

1. Mission &Evangelism
2. Education
3. Lands & Estates
4. Information and communications
5. Finance
6. Planning & Development

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