Chaplain’s Message

Warm greetings from Bweranyangi Girls’ S.S, and welcome to our website.
We thank the almighty God for the founders of the great school, the missionaries who in their vision guided by the Holy Spirit started the institution on the foundation of the gospel of Christ. Glory be to Him now and forever!
The major core value that the school emphasizes among others is the “Fear of God” or “Fearing God” because as the bible says, “it is the beginning of all wisdom”. Proverbs 1.7
Our school theme comes from Mathew 6:33; “seek yee first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…”
All the above are achieved through the day to day practice through the following programs.
All days in the school begin with prayers on various assemblies i.e
General assembly on Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Dormitory/house assembly on Tuesday
Class assembly on Wednesday
Church service on Sunday
Evening fellowships on Saturday
More to that, there is a 30 minute evening fellowship Monday through Friday then Sunday before the students begin their evening/night studies (Preps).
In term II, we hold a Scripture Union conference in the school where many come to Christ and renew their spiritual faith in Christ.
We have guiding themes for each week and a general one for the term. This term our theme comes from Colossians 3:13.”…forgive one another as Christ forgave you..”.
Through different preachers invited by the school, the girls are inspired and encouraged to live a God fearing life that moulds them into pillars of the church of Christ the founder of our faith.