Student Clubs

Music Dance & Drama

Music Dance and Drama is a preserved culture at bweranyangi. Its through this activity African cultural norms are kept among the several generation which have gone through this great school.

Science Club

Science club in Bweranyangi is based under STEM Uganda which stands for Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics supported by FAWEU(Forum for African Women Educationalists in Uganda). These two organizations are majorly to promote Girl-Child Education in Uganda.

Science club in Bweranyangi gives girls room to explore fully their potential by bringing their ideas to life through projects and experiments.

Once in a year, girls move out to visit other schools for science fares and exhibitions which brings to work harder and together to come up with the best projects and this enables girls develop a positive competitive spirit in science.

Currently, the projects that have been developed and are in use include; a local fridge(This majorly uses charcoal ), traffic lights and a lawn more. The club is looking forward to improve some pending projects like the; B+weras K-Bus , An Insect Cide and a modulative calculator.

Other activities done include: Doing spot-quizzes, holding debates to support our ideas and also vivid research work.

Maths Club

Maths club has for many years existed in Bweranyangi. Very unique from any other clubs in school in a way that it doesn’t consider one’s talent or financial status but rather the zeal and willingness to be exposed to the mathematical world.

The club has tremendously worked to improve our logic emphasing critical and fast thinking, love for maths as a subject to develop the best mathematicians world-wide.  The maths club In Bweranyangi mainly emphasizes the fact that maths can be done by everyone irrespective of the gender, As girls, we work to prove that maths as a science subject can be best done by us.

The maths club is involved in activities that promote the girls’ confidence like having maths quizzes and seminars. Such activities require sharp brains that are able to work out very fast.

We prompt the girl’s brains to solve some of the day today problems using mathematicians.Teamwork and self-belief have been our aim to give chance to girls to exploit their potential. Maths, Developing Sharp Brains.

Debate Club

Debate club is one of the most prominent and great clubs in bweranyangi girls’ sss that operates under a well structured constitution. It is the club that builds intellectuals and authentic speakers.

As a great philosopher of history said, “when france sneezes, the rest of Europe catches a cold” that’s exactly the effect of debate club has in bweranyangi girls sss. The club offers a platform to students to explore their talents through activities like speech galas, inter-class debate competitions, spelling competitions among others which have boosted their confidence to a greater extent.

This explains why bweranyangi girls sss old girls have become pivotal in all spheres of life in helping mothers and speaking for a girl child’s human rights both in Uganda and the world at large. Mary Karoro, Mary Kutensa, and the list is endless.

The bweranyangi debating club has reigned the national waves making a great impression in the various competitions participated in. Debate Club, Speech is Golden.

Interact Club

The club focuses on building citizens that serve above self, In bweranyangi interact club has become a bedrock of selfless people where the our colleagues welfare are our firs priorities.

As a club we try to preach the culture of selfless living and in that we have been able to help people that don’t have enough books, compound cleaning, maintaining the sickbay hygiene good and supporting talents through sponsoring talent shows.

We believe that the world can never be a good place if we the people in it neglect our responsibilities to support each other regardless of what we get back in return and thus we act as examples so that the rest can learn from us and with that we believe we shall make the world a better place.

Tooke Club

Tooke club was formed on 3rd august, 2018 with the support from the headmistress –Mrs Muzoora Atuhaire Juliet under the umbrella of the presidential initiative PIBID

Proudly, the club was warmly embraced by the students due to its eye-catching activities. Our target is to support the initiative by producing Matooke. PIBID

The club’s target is to support the initiative by producing Matooke and all other related products in school thus contributing to the government effort to fight poverty

The club has a piece of land dedicated for the activity and the whole piece has been planted with Matooke. We need to add value to Matooke and be able to produce many other products that range from flour, chips, crisps, wine and so many others.

Youth Alive

We call ourselves talent identifiers and developers.

Our mandate is to put together activities that help students explore their talents.

We host a number of events and the most celebrated events of the year are the external school shows and we also host a couple of schools to showcase their talents in our school.

We are the gear behind successful co-curricular activities like cleaning the school, ushering on visitation day and academic day.


Patriotism club is all about bweranyangi and bweranyangi is all about patriotism

We love our school, we love our country and are willing to do anything for the school. We are patriots

Keeping the school clean and secure is what we aim at. We are Patriots.

We serve first. We walk Fast.

Writer’s Club

The beauty of writing is not writing itself but the passion and exhilaration of saying… what you want to say in such a way that you will read it again and again. The club drives into creative minds and help them put together the minds into pieces that other people read and relate with.

The club is responsible for the beautiful school magazine that is produced every year.

Educate Club

This is believed to be the most prominent club in campus, members always work as a team under a standard and approved constitution.

Our Mission is to develop young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa. Vision to build young leaders and entrepreneurs who will be part of the solution in Africa’s what.

Our goal is to promote leadership and entrepreneurship through mentorship programs.

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