A’ Level


Our Advanced Level has classes from Senior Five to Senior Six. A UNEB CENTRE for UACE exams.


In Advanced Level, students choose their several subject combination which fall under arts or sciences

Students’ Leadership

In the school, we have student leaders at all levels i.e. Class Monitors, Dormitory Leaders, co-curricular activities leaders e.t.c.

A' Level Education Process

From Senior Five to Senior Six
when a student seats for UACE Exams, This is the process followed


Students are admitted in a level from various schools around the country. The selection of students depends on the choice number of school list filled by the student at Senior Four exam period.

Senior Five

Students are given subject combinations upon their admission. The combinations fall under Arts or Sciences where by a student is entitled to do Three Essential Subjects and two Subsidiary Subjects.

Senior Six

Candidate Class. Through out the two A’ Level years, students under go through theory lessons, practical lessons, Mock Exams, Discussions, Seminars, Career guidance e.t.c to help them prepare for UACE Exams.

Wrapping Up A’Level

Through career guidance sessions and seminars, our students are enlightened on what to look for in future depending on the subjects they studied. It’s during this time when PUJAB forms are filled.

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