Message From Head Girl

Hello everyone,

“It is always hard work that gives you results; talent and interest are just stairs that take you towards the start of your journey of success.”

School is not a building or a place to visit for a few hours for fun and enjoyment; instead it’s a factory where perfection is created with great zeal and zest.

Bweranyangi Girl’s SS is surely playing a very active and positive role in it. It’s been a great pleasure for me to study here and be a part of it.

Discipline, sincerity and kindness are the pillars on which my ideals are based. And as the head girl I do my best to show it and inspire others with it.

It is said: “Great leaders set example in front of others and inspire them.”

As students it is necessary for you to share your ideas and views so that we can do better in future, keeping in mind that discipline is a must in life as it develops our character..

As the cabinet head, I would like to say that we are not here to boss over you but to be your friend and solve your problems. All of us are building blocks of this institution and it is our duty to create a fresh, friendly and disciplined atmosphere.

We are here to prove ourselves and to show the world our talents and abilities, so don’t be shy of it.

Special thanks to the management and teachers for cooperating with us and showing us the light to the pathway.

And at last, I express my gratitude towards the enlightening and enabling visions of our school heads, our Headteacher Mrs. Muzoora Juliet, the untiring teachers and non teaching staff and the student aspirants who put trust in my ability to lead and produce results.

I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned to make our school reach unscaled heights by trying to keep the child intact within us all.

I conclude by reminding us that “We Sow to Reap” and so all results to expect out of here will be out what we are doing today to make a difference in both our lives and the changing the face of our school

I welcome you to Bweranyangi Girls’ SS website, take a tour and see how a student of  Bweranyangi Girls’ SS spends her time during her stay.


Mukunde Brillian

Head Girl