Our Journey

Bweranyangi Girls' Secondary School since 1912

It’s now over 100 years since the school was founded. The origin of the school is traced from Mbarara to Bushenyi. The investment in the Girl Child Education has been worth it over all these years. We held a centenary celebration in 2012.

Here is the highlight of our Existence

Starting with the very first students while in Mbarara and later shifting to Bushenyi and gaining a Secondary status. It has been a well decorated journey fought with Faith in God and Determination so as to reach where we are.

The development of Bweranyangi Girls’ secondary school from the Mbarara Girls’ Boarding school. In 1912 there came to Mbarara from Toro a CMS missionary to mothers’ union Work-Miss Mabel Baker. Very few girls came at first, daughters of rich and important people such as The Omugabe and Enganzi, AS People did not see the use of teaching girls. In 1914, The school was moved from Kamukuzi to Ruharo. Numbers increased from 8 or ten to 30.

Miss Baker built a grass –roofed building containing two rooms and a store. They did their lessons and slept in this building. In 1927, Two new English ladies came: Miss Hogbin to teach in the school and Miss Brewer to do Midwifery, but she also helped in the school as she knew Luganda. A girl who had been at Gayaza in Buganda called Roda Zwede Mudeka joined the staff.

In 1928, there was a Girl Guide Company with two patrols. In 1934, Miss Hogbin built a Chapel and a big dormitory for 36 girls called hope. In 1936, Miss Hogbin went on leave and Mrs. Drakeley came to look after the girls while she was away. 1937 Miss Hogbin returned. In 1938 Miss Hogbin was advised by the doctor to go to Kampala for an operation. Miss Brewer was left in charge with Mukeda.

1939, Miss R. Douglas came to be HM. In October Miss Hogbin came to say Goodbye to the school. The school was very sad to say goodbye to her. She was transferred to Mengo Girls’, School as she was not really better, but she died in Mengo Hospital not long after and was buried on Namirembe Hill.

In 1940, Miss Douglas became the principle of the Mbarara TTC and the school became its demonstration school. 1941, The Boarders’ fee was 50/- for a whole year. When they had finished p.6 girls took an entrance exam to the following places- Buloba PTTC, Nyakasura VTTC, Mengo Hospital, Gayaza High School, Budo. 1943, there were changes in the school food. A cook was employed but this was a difficult year for food. Matooke had to be fetched 65miles from Bunyaruguru and was 2.75 cents, instead of the usual 1.25 or 1.50 cents per Ib. The girls worked hard digging and usually produced enough for two weeks.

In 1944, The girl students who had been at Nyakasura VTTC came to take the places of the Mbarara PTTC. Miss Hassall was the principle as well as being in charge of the primary school when Miss Britten left in second term to go to Gayaza. 1945 Miss Hassall had Miss Bazirya to help her with the primary school. Miss Jones came to be H.M. In the 2nd term. Miss Bazirya left after 12 years’ service. In 1947, Miss Mawer came from Buloba to be H.M Because of the bad behavior and low standards two teachers had been dismissed the year before.

In 1948 three teachers came from Ndejje and the school improved very much. 1951 they were still troubled by the boys from Mbarara High school who often came at night. Also the site was not big enough for both schools so plans were made to move the girls’ school during this year. In 1952 January, the boarding school moved out to Bweranyangi and joined the primary 6 that was already there.

In 1953 from April-November Miss Mawer had a special course at Bweranyangi for nine teachers from unselected schools to train them to teach p1 and p2 as vernacular teachers. She was supervising the girls’ village school at this time. 1954 there was a trial junior secondary 1. They did not go on to J.S.2. In 1955 the proper J.S.1 began with 12 girls. There was no classroom or dormitory for them as yet. Miss chance joined the staff. 1956 there was a J.S.1 for the time.1957 there was J.S.3 for the first time. A trained nurse came to join the Staff-Miss E. Mukerenge.

In 1958 the school began to give a hot maize meal porridge and milk lunch to p1 to p3 day girls so that they had a hot lunch at midday. Miss chase went on leave and Miss Mawer returned to take charge and remained in charge until her retirement at the end of 1959. People came from all over Ankole to a farewell tea party to thank Miss Mawer for all she had done for the women and girls in Ankole since 1947. They gave her a Beautiful Bible. In the year 1960 Mrs. Bishaka took charge of the teaching discipline and equipment in the primary school. She was Already Assistant Headmistress.

In 1961, p6 become a single stream; the other stream went to Kyeizoba. J.S.3 became modern 1 or seniors as we prefer to call them. 1962 Golden Jubilee year, J.S.2 became a double stream and 2 more classrooms and staff house were built.

In 1961, p6 become a single stream; the other stream went to Kyeizoba. J.S.3 became modern 1 or seniors as we prefer to call them. 1962 Golden Jubilee year, J.S.2 became a double stream and 2 more classrooms and staff house were built. The School Golden jubilee was celebrated on 26th may 1962-a great occasion with at least 400 guests. In 1963 January, Miss Mollie Bloomfield arrived. In August Miss Joan Hall from Kabale joined the staff so as to take charge as Headmistress when Miss Chase retired to care for her parents, at the end of the term.

1964 the school was chosen to be upgraded to secondary, amongst 26 or so other J.S. Schools. 1965-1969 the “pioneers” began as senior secondary students, amongst them Janet Kataha (now Mrs. Museveni). It was an exciting time for the staff and student with new things like pottery and tie and dye, Hockey, Agriculture, Athletics, French and so on; and clubs and societies.

The choir with Miss R. Betsimbire did wonders. It was recorded on disc by a team of visitors from Germany in 1965. In 1967-1970, IDA grants were received for new buildings for the new secondary phase. 1971 the new buildings were ready for their opening. This occurred in 1971 by president Idi Amin who arrived in his helicopter and landed on the school compound.1974 Miss J Hall was posted to Kyebambe and in the same year Miss Faith Beyaka became the Headmistress to 1985.

In 2012, the centenary year, the school had flourished and it celebrated her centenary. Faith in God, hard work, imagination and the vision that inspired their leadership have kept us growing and given birth to thousands of women of substance and of character and faith, who serve, whether known or unknown. We look to the future with hope.

Bweranyangi Girls Head Teachers (1965-2018)

  • Mrs. Muzoora Juliet (2017-Current)
  • Mrs. Mwesigwa Jenipher 2010-2016
  • Mrs.Tindyebwa Peace2008-2009
  • Mrs. Jane Tumusimirwa 2003-2007
  • Mrs. Ruth K. Sande 1992-2003
  • Mr. Humphrey K.B. Ahimbisibwe 1990-1991
  • Mrs. Ida.K. Tarinyeba 1985-1989
  • Ms. Faith Beyaka 1974-1984
  • Ms. Joan Hall 1965-1973

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