Message from the Head Teacher

Dear Parent/Guardian, I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to the main website for Bweranyangi Girls’ SS.  We have designed this website to be as informative as possible and we do hope you will find all of the details you require.  If not please do not hesitate to contact us at […]

Message From Head Girl

Hello everyone, “It is always hard work that gives you results; talent and interest are just stairs that take you towards the start of your journey of success.” School is not a building or a place to visit for a few hours for fun and enjoyment; instead it’s a factory where perfection is created with […]

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The Effects of Sports in School

Students who are active in school sports are fitter, have healthier body weights and are more confident. The risk of blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases is lower among physically active people, which makes it all the more important for children to appreciate the importance of physical activity at a young age. […]

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What Is The Secret Behind Successful Students

Most of the time people think a student is successful when they get good academic grades. But when you look a little closer, those who achieve good grades are sometimes unhappy students who have only learned to do what teachers ask. It’s also said that a student is successful when he or she finds something […]